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Lost & (Maybe) Found Again: Update

So, back in May of last year, I posted the following:

I managed to lose a cosplay gown that I had custom made, after only having worn it to one convention. I've searched everywhere in places that made sense and places that did not. It's well and truly gone. So I commissioned a new gown to replace it, and I'm at least 80% sure that once I get the new gown, the first one will turn up, because that's just my luck.

I received the new gown in July (shortly into my Absence). A literal two days after the new one arrived, I found the original one. It was "sharing" a hanger with another cosplay dress, which was on top of the gown, rendering it invisible. I didn't find it until I had pulled out the other dress to get ready for a convention. Imagine my surprise (and fury...) at finding it! Part of me was relieved; the other part was pissed AF, at myself. Why didn't I catalogue my cosplays and put them all in one place!? Hell if I know. I'm never one to do a logical thing. (Screw you ADHD!) :CRIES:

For those of you curious, I give you a shot of the gown I lost and found:

Neo Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon

So my next convention is coming up in 2.5 weeks. Being responsible, I've already started gathering together items that I need to pack for the event. I should make a list... "But it's so time consuming!" "STFU, you! Do the responsible thing!" "Whaaaaaa! Don't wanna!" On and on, the conversation with myself goes, until I stop caring about doing the thing at all, hate myself, and then eventually do thing (in this instance, a list). So I present you with... a list:


  • Get your ass in gear, we are doing the thing!


  • Why are you not doing the thing? I'm so disappointed in you.


    • Who are you to say I'm disappointing!? Screw you!


  • You are so worthless! What is the point of your life even?


    • Okay, you can do this, one step at a time, take little baby steps...


    • Do the thing.

This is one of the more frustrating things about ADHD, the internal conversations with yourself which inevitably end up leading to a plethora of negative emotions, some of which trigger absolute self-loathing.

Famed blogger Allie Brosh, of Hyperbole & a Half, did an excellent piece on this called "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult." Using prose and iconic illustrations, she presents a highly accurate representation of what it's like living with ADHD (without actually mentioning ADHD), in a very silly, memorable way.

The truth is, I have started a list. The problem is that I don't always remember something TO list until I actually see it, and unfortunately, there is a lot of clutter in my place, so I have to go digging to find any one of the several locations I've put stuff. It makes for an ass-backwards routine in which I write things on the list, as I find them, and then immediately check it off the list, congratulating myself for doing the list, and then getting to the hotel and realizing I forgot to pack a random-but-important piece of my cosplay, sending me into a spiraling panic.

This whole mental meltdown is absolutely exhausting, not to mention counter-productive.

But hey, at least I found the dress!


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