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Lost & (Maybe) Found Again

Ugh. We've all been there, putting something in a very logical, safe place, only to be completely unable to find it when needed. This is the story of my life.

So a few years ago, I had this lovely phoenix rising pendant charm that I adored, even after the garnet in the center fell out. I haven't seen it in nearly 10 years (well before I moved in with my now-spouse). I was really sad about it, especially when I would see it in photos of yesteryear, but I gave it up as well and truly lost. Well yesterday, I was trying to untangle the knots in a necklace chain, so I had to pull it out of the box and wouldn't you know, there was the phoenix pendant right there, solidly tangled in the other necklace chain. I was thrilled. I also wondered why the hell I ever thought that particular box was a good place for it, buried beneath the other pendant.

This happens to me all the time. I lose things, be it everyday things like my wallet or keys, to things with sentimental value to me like that necklace. I'll have it, use it, put it somewhere safe, lose it from myself, lament the loss, and eventually, when I'm least expecting it, find it.

Sadly not all items have such a serendipitous finding. I managed to lose a cosplay gown that I had custom made, after only having worn it to one convention. I've searched everywhere in places that made sense and places that did not. It's well and truly gone. So I commissioned a new gown to replace it, and I'm at least 80% sure that once I get the new gown, the first one will turn up, because that's just my luck.

My filing system (ha, like I have a filing system) consists of accordion boxes with dividers to keep important documents. The only problem with this system is that I have to remember to put the important documents into the box. *despairing laughter* Sometimes I do file things away. Also sometimes I move the filing box to somewhere safe and logical, and then can't find it when I go looking for said documents.

This is the trouble with ADHD. At least my ADHD. You have an important or necessary item to put away, but if anything distracts your attention even for just a moment, it's lost in the ether. Sometimes it can be found with a little searching, especially if you just lost it, but if you put it "away," forget it. You won't find it until at least 6 months later (if ever).

This same thing happened with my (now expired) passport. Of course, it lives in a little Ziploc bag because my late cat had peed on it and it reeks of cat urine. Still, I need this document to get a new one. It took me two and a half years after moving in with my spouse to locate it. Now it lives in my lockbox with my other super important items (like my birth certificate). Still, how can someone lose something so important for such a long period of time? Screw you very much, ADHD.


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